L.E. Lacaille

Creating A Fantasy World

Ah, the joys of being creative in the writing process. Nothing is more fun that thinking how much you would enjoy making a world that is truly your own. One, you can design, create, have your own lands, creatures, things, races of people, even own currency and language. It’s a really unique feeling and can be a lot of fun. Yet, it can be a huge pain in the neck and that is why I’m writing this today. I want to give a few things that might be helpful should you want to dive into the wonderful world of creating your own fantasy world.

Time travel and the Harry Potter Paradox

Last Saturday, I had my 20-year school reunion. The class of 1997. 1997 is gone. But maybe if I stepped into a wormhole, I could come out the other end in 1997. With apologies to the Carpenters, it really is Yesterday Once More. And would I find my beuniformed self, sitting at my desk in my Alma Mater, learning about volumetric titrations and ablative absolutes?

Anatomy of a Perfect Villain

What makes a great villain? Fiction, whether literary, comic book, film, cartoon or video game is saturated with the most hideous and foulest aberrations bent on world domination, sauteing their fellow humans, disembowelment, grotesque debaucheries, decimation of the planet…not necessarily in that order. But are all villains axe-wielding, sabre-toothed megalomaniacs? Let’s look at a few […]