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My Journey

Have you ever wished you could turn the clock, just by a few minutes? Score that goal; nail that job; land that date?

It was this feeling that inspired The Time Gene. I worked for nine years as a proofreader. I was always that little bit too slow; always made one mistake too many. And when I was crying over my terrible statistics, I’d sit and stare at the clock…

My Story

When I was at school I loved Modern Languages, especially French. My degree is triple honours French/German/Italian, specialising in literature. I did a Masters at Oxford specialising in 16th C French lit. I still love languages, but, partly inspired by the scientific texts I used to proofread, I developed a love of science. Especially Relativity and Quantum Entanglement. The Science of Time.

I now work as a boarding school in Scotland, teaching French and German language and literature. I love it and I’m so much happier. I am hoping to publish the first volume of The Elect win the next six months, so that you can buy it via this site!


Explore The Time Gene

Imagine that you had the time gene. What would you use it to do? Would it make you great and powerful? Or would you use it sacrificially, to save your family, friends…or an entire civilisation?



Could you be a Timelord?

What would you do if you were conscripted to join the Timelords? Remember: you don’t have a choice…

Could you be a winner on Megastar?

Do you have what it takes to wow the judges on So You Wanna Be A Megastar? Could you brave Dirk Slater’s acid tongue?

Would you drink ale in The Sheep And The Goats?

Could you face up to Division and Judgement on the Bema?

Book Reviews

Every month, I review a book by an up-and-coming author for my Book of the Month feature on this website. All reviews are duplicated on Amazon UK and US and on Goodreads, and shared on all my social media. If you would like your novel to be considered, contact me at lelacaille@gmx.co.uk or via Facebook or Twitter. Please note I cannot review anything that is offensive to my Christian faith.



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