by Kari Holloway

Vol. 1 of Devil’s Playground, the enthralling new paranormal fantasy series
The supernatural walk among us, and nowhere is that truer than in New Orleans…

“Forgotten” is the first book in the enthralling paranormal fantasy series “Devil’s Playground” by Kari Holloway. It pumps along at a frenetic pace, driven by inventive brilliance, enchanting characters and colourful descriptions. Unbeknownst to humans, a host of different ‘theriomorphs’ and ‘supes’ such as weres, vampires and faes walk undetected in our midst, masked by their human ‘glamour’. When magical creatures misuse magic for evil, however, the ordinary police can’t cope, so the Supernatural Council need to step in. Enter feisty were-fox Alex, and her two companions, the playful werewolf Ronin and the kaleidoscopic cougar Mira. The novel charts the trio’s investigations of a series of vicious murders of brides and grooms at weddings, which have all the hallmarks of paranormal involvement. The trio must find the culprits and restore order, aided and abetted by the elusive and enigmatic werefox Morgan, whom Alex loves. This is a hugely pacy and enjoyable read. I found the banter between the characters hilarious. I really rooted for the burgeoning love between Alex and Morgan. I couldn’t wait to read the next installment, “Cry of Gold”.


Cry of Gold

by Kari Holloway

Vol. 2 of Devil’s Playground, the enthralling new paranormal fantasy series
Some heists are more than legendary. What has the magic to phase through thick steel and concrete vaults, leave a golden blur on top surveillance systems, and lead security guards to their deaths … all without leaving a trace of magic? On a wild goose chase from Washington D.C. all the way to Mexico City, Alex and Mira are still no closer to having a suspect. What they do know is that they’re on the trail of something that doesn’t play by any modern-day rules. What starts out as a simple robbery turns into something from beyond legend, for even myths hold a grain of truth.

In the second volume of Kari’s thrilling paranormal fantasy series “Devil’s Playground”, North America is again under threat from the arcane forces of darkness. When a series of thefts of precious objects takes place across museums in North America (not to mention the grisly murders of the guards), Alex and Mira, Guardians of the Supernatural Council, are called in. Alex and Mira are a formidable duo. Alex is a feisty auburn werefox; Mira is a stealthy cougar. They are fast, intelligent and indomitable. Their disarming humanoid appearance or ‘glamour’ masks the ability to pulsate a phenomenal magical energy and crush dark forces, but also an uncompromising protectiveness of their own magical underworld.
This book is a truly addictive urban fantasy. I felt transported as I read it. Kari’s narrative is pacy but also evocative, and her sensory description of sights, sounds, smells and touch made me feel as if I were charging through the supes’ world alongside Alex, Mira, Ronin and Morgan.As a reader, you are wrapped in the golden shimmer of the supes’ magic from start to finish. I was spellbound throughout. But I get the feeling there is far, far more to explore from “Devil’s Playground” yet. You can read an (intriguing) taster from Vol. 3 from the third volume, “Mark of Cain” at the end of this book. Highly recommended!



About Kari Holloway

A native of the southeast United States, Kari Holloway is a shutterbug, spending her days chasing her two daughters while enjoying the outdoors. She never strayed far from her family’s four-generational farmhouse, attending Georgia Southwestern State University and receiving her bachelor’s degree.

Her debut series, Laughing P, is a delightful mix of real world problems infused with the iconic southern culture that many witness first hand when they visit. Not content with a single genre, she writes what comes to mind and worries about slapping a label on it later.


What Readers Say

“Kari Holloway’s writing style is very descriptive. She uses all of the characters senses to describe the scenes through the main character’s eyes. Her writing is very beautiful, and easy to read.” 

“Ms. Holloway does an excellent job of mixing humor with intrigue in the interactions of the various characters.”

“Holloway’s variation on Faeryland is unusual, which helps draw the reader in and make them interested in reading more..”


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