L.E. Lacaille

The Time Gene

Part One of The Immortal Cosmos

2044: The world is steeped in a planet-annihilating global war. The only way to save it is to travel backward in time. Bewildered maths teacher Murdo Ironside is recruited to join the League of Kairos, a secret agency for those few who possess the Time Gene, which confers the ability to turn back time.

But their powers are limited. They must join forces with other Time Travellers from the past, and build a network of chronomotives – trains running through time – and search for a super-powerful time-traveller from the 1990s, known as the Anchor.

But the Anchor is angst-ridden schoolgirl Roxy Malone, who is terrified of the power she cannot understand nor control. Can the League find her before the Time Gene itself kills her?

Or before she falls prey to Dark Forces from across time who want her dead?

"For every path that leads to success, there are a million billion paths to failure. The Anchor’s quest is to live her life again and again and again until she finds the one true path. Only then can she shepherd humanity from bloodshed and destruction to peace and harmony."
"The interstices of time are highly complex. Time is mutable, and one small step for a man sets mankind on a radically different path. There are billions of paths, twists and fork-turns. Some lead to triumph, and others to doom. The one we have trodden has risked our annihilation as a species"
"Tears pooled in his eyes. Light or dark, awake and asleep, the scenes were the same. Busy streets that by dawn would be charred rubble and molten ash. Men with briefcases, waving goodbye to their wives, who would never return. Mothers kissing the foreheads of sleeping children who would never waken. For so it would always be in a universe where the Megaton was Lord."
"Every time someone got wounded, bombed or hurt in the news, she could not stop the pervasive sense of guilt that she ought to have stopped it. It haunted her morning, noon and night. For what purpose had she been given this gift? And did anyone else share it? What if it wasn’t a gift, but a curse?"