L.E. Lacaille

My Journey

Have you ever wished you could turn the clock, just by a few minutes? Score that goal, nail that job, land that date?

It was this feeling that inspired The Time Gene and the other forthcoming titles in The Immortal Cosmos, which are about a group of people trying to go back in time to undo the events leading up to a global megawar.

My Story

When I was at school I loved Modern Languages, especially French. My degree is triple honours French/German/Italian, specialising in literature. I did a Masters at Oxford specialising in 16th C French lit. Thereafter, I worked for 9 years as a “translation checker” or proofreader. I still love languages, but, partly inspired by the scientific texts I used to proofread, I developed a love of science. Especially Relativity and Quantum Entanglement. The Science of Time.

I live in Cupar, Scotland and am now a teacher of Modern Languages. I enjoy reading, walking, music and drama. The Time Gene, Part I of The Immortal Cosmos was published on 1st August 2023.