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Author Interview with Kari Holloway

A native of the southeast United States, Kari Holloway is a shutterbug, spending her days chasing her two daughters while enjoying the outdoors. She never strayed far from her family’s four-generational farmhouse, attending Georgia Southwestern State University and receiving her bachelor’s degree.
Her debut series, Laughing P, is a delightful mix of real world problems infused with the iconic southern culture that many witness first hand when they visit. Not content with a single genre, she writes what comes to mind and worries about slapping a label on it later. A prolific self-published author, she has now made a meteoric transition to Paranormal Fantasy. I was over the moon when Kari agreed to be my first Q&A. Who is the woman behind the ‘glamour’ of such vivid fiction?

Ten Reasons Why Your Novel 100% Definitely Does NOT Suck.

It’s very easy to become discouraged when you are a writer. “I can’t do this”, “What’s the point in trying?” “Published Author X’s writing standard is so beyond me that I may as well put my novel in the trash”. I hear you say all these things. And believe me, I’ve said them all. And when perfunctory rejections or complete non-responses from agents keep creeping up, it’s so tempting to throw in the towel. But you must not give in. In this blog I give you 10 reasons why your unpublished/rejected novel 100% definitely does NOT suck!!

Creating A Fantasy World

Ah, the joys of being creative in the writing process. Nothing is more fun that thinking how much you would enjoy making a world that is truly your own. One, you can design, create, have your own lands, creatures, things, races of people, even own currency and language. It’s a really unique feeling and can be a lot of fun. Yet, it can be a huge pain in the neck and that is why I’m writing this today. I want to give a few things that might be helpful should you want to dive into the wonderful world of creating your own fantasy world.